You care & we care

Solution for urgent need of toilet

Body needs to circulate

Drink up and stay hydrated
Never worry about finding a toilet

Think green and save big

Can be repeatedly use
Total collection
One piece product, limited waste

Priceless Dignity & Convenienc

Regained self confidence and to replace diapers
Have your life back and go anywhere

The World highly recommended

Granted of the Gold Medal
and golbal Patent Cerfications
Quality assurance for your urgent need

Hot Product

UR free to go

UR free to go(Portable Urinal for Men)is suitable for
1.Urine incontinence or urgency problems
2.Chronic illness that could not make toilet in time
3.After urological surgery with leakage of urine
4.Any long hours of driving or riding
5.Wearing of heavy gear or protective devices
6.Hang gliding,helicopter or flying in small airplanes


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